Friday, October 17, 2014

New Release "Halloween Girls" and New DT's first release!

Pretty much every activity that has been done in my house since the last "Pumpkin Patch" release until now has been all about pumpkins, ghosts, spiders and more! I'll tell ya what, that boy of mine would love it if we would just keep celebrating Halloween all year around!

New Deals have been added to the shop!

And now for my favorite moment of this release; Design Team inspiration! I'm so excited to show off the new Sami Stamps Design team. Both new and already existing Sami Stamps DT members have a lot of talent to give. What a lucky girl I am!

Anna Jasiolek
Sami Stamps Image "Zombie Girl."

Sami Stamps Image "Witch Girl." 

 Sami Stamps Image "Spooky Flower 3"
Sami Stamps Images "Spooky Flower 2."
Sami Stamps Image "Mummy Girl."

Sami Stamps Image "Spooky Flower 1."

 Sami Stamps Image "Witch Girl."

Sami Stamps Image "Spider Hugs."  

I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!


  1. oh how beautiful . your new Digis are sweet again . Your DT is talented. A good choice . I wish you good work . Look here ; ) - 46.html

  2. Too cool, or cruel as the case may be. love the creations, you and your
    team are always coming up with something new and novel.
    is it me or does the spider have only 6 eyes and add the girls 2 eyes, then together
    they have the 8 eyes of a spider eeewww was that your plan ??!

    1. Haha! Too be honest Holly I didn't really have a plan for the eyes. I just wanted to give the spider extra but didn't really care if I had 8 or not. Sometimes I forget that customer's will notice those kings of things! =)