Friday, January 12, 2018

Fun Friday with Guest Designer, Marieke!

Joining us today as a guest designer we have our winner
from Sami Stamps Challenge # 55

Marieka is using Sami Stamps image, Frost and Whisker Friends

Hello all,

My name is Marieke and i'm 32 years old and live in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and cat. 
I started making cards 4 years ago. 
Well i actually started earlier but i did not make anything because i was in the navy for 8 years. 
I started making cards using pencils but i did not get the result i wanted so i looked into Copic Markers, well i can tell you since then i'm hooked! 
In the house we live in, i have a craft room it's all the way up so i can look over the neighbourhood and i love it, i can close the door when it is a mess, the only problem really is that it is getting fuller and fuller, hahaha (who does not have that problem?). 
Once a week i craft together with a friend, one week at my place and one week at hers. I love making all kinds of cards, CAS, Vintage, Fluffy, Girly you name it i make it! I
f you ever want to have a look at what i make go over to , and if you like what you see don't become a stranger and follow me! 
I want to thank Sami and the team for having me around!

Marieke has used, Sami Stamps image - Frost and Whisker Friends available here.

Just a reminder that Sami Stamps will be closing on February 1st.
Here is the link to Sami Stamps Etsy Store for your convenience.


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