Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 DT Highlights and Temporary Shop Closure

Ready or not, welcome to 2018! 

At the end of every year I really do love looking back at all that had happened over the past year. So for this Friday's post I wanted to highlight all my favorite Design Team creations from 2017! It was a lot of fun to go back through all of them and hard to narrow down my favorites. I sure am lucky to have such a talented team!

Without further ado here are the 2017 favorites!
***P.S. If you click on the image name, it will take you directly to that image's link in my Etsy shop for easy shopping!***

Sami Stamps Image "Roses Under The Sea"

Sami Stamps Image "Daisy Bumble"

 Sami Stamps Image "I Love My Sweet"

 Sami Stamps Image "Flowers In My Mane"

Using Sami Stamps Image "Starfish Seahorse

 Using Sami Stamps Image "Giraffe Birthday Balloon"

Using Sami Stamps Image "Rockin' My Christmas Sweater"

Using Sami Stamps Image "Holding You"

Using Sami Stamps Image "Rose Unicorn"

Using Sami Stamps Image "Feather Nap"

Using Sami Stamps Image "Shy Flower Giraffe"

Using Sami Stamps Image "Flower Bath"

  Using Sami Stamps Image "Flower Seahorse"

 Using Sami Stamps Image "Flying Girl"

 Using Sami Stamps Image "Frosty Kisses"

 Using Sami Stamps Image "Shy Flower Giraffe"

Thank you Design Team for making 2017 inspiring! 

Sami Stamps also has an announcement. 
I believe there is a time and season for everything. And with the changes life has brought along with my sweet baby girl I have come to the decision to temporarily close down the Sami Stamps blog and Etsy shop. I am sad to take a step back but I know it is a right decision to simplify 2018.
Keep checking back from time to time or follow our facebook pages
because when we come back it will be with a bang! 

You have until January 31st to purchase your wish list. Everything will close on February 1st 2018!

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