Friday, November 8, 2013

Crafter's Highlight: Amanda Phillips

Happy Friday Everyone! 

Today I am happy to introduce a new feature to Sami Stamps! Every once in a while I will be posting a
A Crafter's Highlight is when I find something wonderful in someone's project that I just can't help but share with all of you! I will include the crafter's tutorial so you can learn how to do it to! For this Crafter's Highlight I would like to introduce you to
 Amanda Phillips!

This particular project of Amanda's caught my eye! Its simply beautiful! AND I JUST LOVE IT!
Beautiful, beautiful card...her coloring of the image is exquisite. But what I really wanted to direct your attention to is those cute little yellow flowers she created as an embellishment.
If I created paper projects more I think I would add them to everything! They are just too sweet! And they actually look just like an A Day For Daisies flower, witch matches the image perfectly (since the image is from A Day For Daisies.)

Here is how she made them:

1.) Color paper with Y21 copic  (yellow)
2.) take a small black marker and make small dots everywhere!
3.) Punch out the dots with 3/16 or 1/8" whole punch. The punch will include the little black dot you made and some yellow surrounding it.
4.)Push the punched out dot around the end of a pen or stylus to make it curve.

And there you go! Sweet little flowers that would add to many projects!
Here is a direct link back to Amanda's blog and tutorial if you would like to visit her!

I will be keeping an eye out on all of you and when something you do catches my eye, you just might be the next Crafter's Highlight here on the Sami Stamps blog! If you would like to submit a project, e-mail me at

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